Plakoni Engineering: The right hand of your organization

Milieu en Veiligheid
Our vision and mission

Plakoni Engineering specializes in long-term design, engineering and consultancy assignments. Our staff is dedicated on site to your projects. We provide services such as:

  • Engineering support: Both in the automotive-, as in the components and in the metal industry and this in various fields.
  • Key-concepts: coordinate and mediate, both internal and external, make time studies and determine work methods, training of operators, implement lean manufacturing tools, draft maintenance schedules and internal quality documents for ISO, start up new production facility...
  • CAD design and CAD data coordination: we use various CAD programs and this over and over again, completely according to the wishes of our client.


Plakoni Engineering N.V.
Eikelaarstraat 21a
BE-3600 GENK
Tel:  +32 89 32 35 17
Fax: +32 89 35 50 03
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